The Town of Bluffton, along with the board of directors of the Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) – a leader in creating the area’s vibrant business climate and entrepreneurial spirit – announces the search for a Vice President of Innovation.

The search comes after the appointment of Trent Williamson as the organization’s new CEO last month, and on the cusp of a strategic planning process that outlines future opportunities for innovation and economic development intiatives.

“Since 2012, more than 35 companies have graduated from our in-house incubator. Today, we are in a strong position to expand the program and enhance entrepreneurial outreach,” said Williamson. “Working with innovators is a vital part of our mission and we look forward to the future of the program.”

The VP of Innovation, a newly created role, will lead Bluffton’s innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives and continue to develop a culture thriving on investment in the local and regional economy. The position will market Bluffton as the leader and preferred destination for innovation, entrepreneurship and related growth.

The DRCI is currently in the process of planning a state-of-the-art facility (called the HUB) that will house Bluffton’s innovation and economic development efforts.

“The HUB is an exciting part of the Don Ryan Center’s near future. Adding the role of VP of Innovation to the team comes at an opportune time for involvement in the development process.” said Matt Green, Chairman.

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About the Don Ryan Center for Innovation
Since 2012, the Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) has been instrumental in creating a business-centric community while empowering innovators through its successful incubation program. The organization has also emerged as the Town of Bluffton’s economic development arm, facilitating numerous projects and partnerships that have led to today’s vibrant economy. It fosters strategic, sustainable growth in five core areas:

  • Entrepreneurism
  • Business Attraction, Expansion & Retention
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure
  • Workforce Development & Talent Retention and Attraction
  • Marketing Education & Outreach

A consistent aspect of the Don Ryan Center’s mission has been its business incubator. In the first five years, the incubator graduated more than 35 companies and mentored many more. Graduate companies have created 100+ jobs and generated more than $5 million in annual payroll as well as more than $30 million in annual revenue. The incubator provides resources such as hands-on mentoring, company formation and overall business planning.

The organization will soon break ground on a state-of-the-art 3,000 square foot facility within the Town’s Buckwalter Commerce Park. The “HUB” will serve as home-base for innovators working within the incubation program as well as offer co-working space for area entrepreneurs, allowing for collaboration and sharing in a high-tech open environment.

Through membership, the DRCI continues to build a community of leaders who play an active role in the region’s future economic success and quality of life. Executives and entrepreneurs all at all stages in their professional journeys are joining with the organization in confidence that it provides a unique value and will make an impact on the future economic success of our community.

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